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BN Interactive Bespoke Digital Marketing Agency + Consultancy based in Santa Barbara, CA

BN Interactive is a versatile Digital Marketing Agency offering a range of services including branding, marketing, custom website design and development, AI content creation, and results focused consulting. We are based in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.

BN Interactive


BN Interactive is a performance-based Digital Marketing Agency based in Santa Barbara California, powered by customized solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help clients grow. We embrace change and create value for our clients. When you work with BN Interactive, the possibilities for inspiration and marketing success are endless.
Our work ranges from online and print advertising to interactive experiences, full video production services, Google AdWords management, animated-typography, AI content creation, plus more.

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Our expertise lies in developing cutting-edge campaigns for specific clients and utilizing diverse platforms to captivate their target audience.

unique ambitions

BN Interactive is a referral-based agency, only working with clients that have totally unique and aspirational objectives.

If you're doing something bold and enlightening, where some may laugh at the idea, there's only one wise approach to your strategic marketing partner.

BN Interactive

Santa Barbara, CA based Digital Marketing Agency leveraging AI platforms for high-level initiatives and results for our clients.



Our strategy is tailored to each client's needs and goals, with a focus on understanding their audience and the most effective channels to reach them.


We combine creativity and user-centered design to develop compelling visuals that effectively communicate our clients' brand messages.


At BN Interactive, we offer a full range of creative services, from concept development to production and execution.


We specialize in producing high-quality video content that tells our clients' brand stories and engages their target audience.

Motion Graphics

Our team of skilled motion graphics artists creates visually stunning animations and videos that bring our clients' ideas to life.


We develop unique and impactful branding strategies that effectively communicate our clients' values, vision, and mission to their target audience.

Brad Newman, Founder + Chief Buzz Officer

Brad is a leader in marketing and business development for companies of all sizes. His experience and wisdom has been the result of entrepreneurial endeavors since he was a kid. Brad understands marketing and brings an extraordinary amount of energy, passion and creativity to the table. Brad's been building digital products and running online marketing campaigns since for years, when he launched an online portal for young professionals. Brad is also the Founder & Chief Buzz Officer of Dentainment, a leading dental marketing agency. Connect with BN Interactive to learn more about our unique approach and custom services.

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BN Interactive typically works with a few referral-based clients who have unique and aspirational objectives. They offer a range of services including branding and marketing, website design, event services, and video production, and focus on understanding their clients’ audience and developing tailored campaigns to reach them.

BN Interactive’s approach to branding strategy involves understanding clients’ objectives and audience, conducting research, developing a creative concept, and executing the strategy through a range of channels. They emphasize creative visuals and user-centered design to communicate brand messages effectively.

BN Interactive customizes metrics for each project and uses data analysis to measure success. Feedback from clients and audiences is also gathered to evaluate effectiveness. This process is integral to their commitment to providing high-quality, results-driven services.

BN Interactive has a dedicated team of designers and developers who attend industry conferences and training programs to stay up to date with the latest design and technology trends. They incorporate the latest advancements into their work to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions.